On Moby Dick

Such powerful patterning, working at so many levels of the human and natural worlds, strongly intimates the possibility that an anima mundi, an archetypally informed depth of interiority, lies within “all things” — in the depths of the human psyche and in the depths of nature.

Richard Tarnas, from his book Cosmos and Psyche (2006), discussing “the extraordinary synchronistic patterning in which two … events, Melville’s birth and Moby Dick’s publication, coincided with the successive Saturn-Pluto and Uranus-Pluto alignments so precisely.”

I really like the way that Tarnas ends the discussion from which this quote was taken:

Elemental forces of meaning and purpose upwelled from the oceanic depths, twice in the whaltes, and twice in human forms, in the births of Melville and his book. These extraordinary double synchronicities in the human and cetacean realms are, on their own terms, sufficiently astonishing to compel deep reflection. Yet somehow precisely linked to and uniting all these events and coincidences is the great macrocosm itself, the planetary movements in the vast starry sky high above the ocean of whales and men, all reflecting a profundity of significant pattern and mysterious purpose in the depths of all things.


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